Serendipity Wine Rack


The Serendipity Wine Rack is a wall-mounted wine rack made from several staves reclaimed from a used wine barrel. It's called serendipity because, in all honesty, the design is happenstance. The original thought was to have a seamless, wine-barrel-esque shape with some holes to plunk in some bottle necks. That didn't work so well, as wine barrels are expertly crafted by skilled coopers who ensure that only the outside edges of each stave makes contact with its neighbor, held together not by glue or sheer friction, but by the pressure from pounded-in-place metal bands. Soooo... a new tactic was required. The result, though, is quite beautiful and was better than intended... a happy accident indeed.

Design & Construction

The staves have an exaggerated stagger to create a unique look with various shadow lines. Staves that are fresh from wine production are rough, having been bruised and battered during their years of service. So these have been sanded smooth to give the wood new life and reveal the stunning ray flecks that make white oak a beautiful, legendary hardwood. It has been stained with a dark Danish Oil, which gives it a rich, classic Arts & Crafts look while further accentuating the ray flecks. Several coats of shellac have also been applied for aesthetics and durability.

The racks are constructed using wood glue and dowels for strength. Though each rack is similar in appearance, no two are alike. This creates a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of functional woodwork while also showcasing the staves' former life as a barrel: Visible are marks from the barrel's banding, as are the burgundy stains from the Oregon pinot noir it once housed.


Each rack can hold well over a case of wine bottles, inserted neck first. The design was modeled after French riddling racks, which help keep wine fresh by keeping the bottle at an angle and therefore keeping the wine from exposure to oxygen. The rack has a hardwood bracket on the back, mounted to it with bolts. There is mounting hardware for easily hanging the rack, and drywall anchors are also included with purchase. These provide exceptional hanging strength and can be mounted securely into drywall without the need to locate and drill into studs. Measurements are approximately 36 inches by 15 inches at the widest points, though because all staves are unique, this is always an approximation.


Each purchase is made-to-order. Production time is about 5–7 days to allow for construction, staining, and finishing. Shipping takes about a week, so a newly handmade rack will arrive at your door within approximately two weeks of purchase. Purchasing this listing will buy a rack that is unique but similar in appearance to the one pictured, though the handmade nature of the item, and the variations in wood from piece to piece, mean that the finished item may vary slightly in composition and color. The purchase is also for a horizontally mounted rack. Alternatively, custom racks can be built to hang vertically or with stands to be placed upright on the floor. Please send an email if you desire another configuration.


Come see one live and in person on the wall at Gigantic Gallery at 1720 NW Lovejoy # 103 in beautiful Portland, Oregon! Or order here. It's nice and easy. Your purchase can be delivered for free within the general Portland-Salem area, or you can pick it up at Gigantic. Please select the "Local No Shipping" option and then leave a note in the PayPal purchase form as to delivery or pick-up needs, and we will contact you about the order. Shipping elsewhere in the region or in continental United States is additional. Please select the "Shipping within U.S." option when ordering. If you have questions on shipping or delivery, or anything else, please feel free to send me an email.